The creativity is brought to the fullest in the Departmental Cultural Fests, Intra Collegiate Fest - KALA, Inter Collegiate Fest- EBULLIENCE, Business Fests and association Fests.

The Main objective of the college is to empower young girls with knowledge, skills and competence. Various Clubs are formed and activities are organized to help them grow as responsible citizens of the Society. The clubs help them nourish their leadership skills and act diligently at the given situations.


NSS (National Service Scheme): Organizes Outreach programmes like Village camps, Social Awareness Programmes, Traffic Control, Blood Donation camps and so on.


AICUF (All India Catholic University Federation): Conducts Village awareness camps, visits Orphanages, Old age homes, sick people, facilitates participation in the workshops and organizes Inter collegiate fests etc.


Eco Club : Creates awareness on Environmental issues, conducts relevant Street plays, various competitions on appropriate themes and takes up rally’s, Cleanliness drive etc.


Readers Leaders Club: The club Helps students cultivate reading habit. Conducts Books Exhibition, competition and reward for Best book Reviewers, inspires others to read books and increase their knowledge. 


Social Leadership Club: Aims at cultivating Leadership qualities. The club gives exposure to the students allowing them to respond to the social issues through writing articles, participating in the debates on social themes, arranging guest lecturers on Legal issues, Health issues and Social issues, visiting orphanages and schools.


Health Club: Dr. Sr. Veena and Dr. Amala Selvam visit our College to give health awareness and to do health check-up. First aid is given to the students for minor problems.


Red Cross Wing: This wing will conduct programmes that promote Respect for Life through Anti-suicide sessions, Camps to create wealth from waste and National Integration through Peace and Justice.


Dr. Ambedkar Cell (SC & ST cell): The Cell works towards promoting equality among the students. It conducts seminars on Dr. Ambedkar and helps the students to get financial benefits from the Government.


Sports Club: The College keeps the overall development of the students in mind and has appointed a full time Physical Instructor. It organises regular sports activities. Students are given chance to participate in the intercollegiate sports events conducted by the University and represent the college at state and national level.


Cultural Committee: The committee aspires at creating life with the culture of music, dance, art and beauty. They perform during the important events at college and represent the college at various intercollegiate fests.


Women Cell/ Sexual Harassment Cell: The Cell tackles the problems of the Students. It Organizes Women’s’ Day Programme and brings in awareness on the plights of Women and the rights pertaining to issues that can create a safer environment promising empowerment and dignity as women.


Anti-Ragging Cell: The cell takes care of the dignity of every student in the campus. The College has created its campus as non-ragging campus making the students to practice responsible freedom.


Rehabilitation Forum: The College has a Unique programme as three year degree course. It gives a room for the students to respect the differently abled in and through its forum organising special programmes and activities.


Grievance Cell: It deals with the grievances of the students and helps them rectify the issues making them comfortable and secured in the campus.


The student is required to be a part of at least one of the above mentioned committees and clubs. A portion of internal marks would depend upon the participation of the students in the activities conducted by the various committees and cells.


Spirituality Centre: The College has set up this centre to make the students spiritual through value education and Inter religious programmes. It will introduce the students to various types of learning and wisdom to live a grace-filled life through Value Education and Catechism Classes.


Awards and Rewards: The College has instituted certain awards for the Staff and Students

Student awards

·         Best out going

·         Best in Sports

·         Best in Culturals

·         Best in NSS

·         Best AICUFer

·         Best in Academics

·         High Performer – Rank Holders

·         Mother Gnanamma Endowment Cash Award

Staff awards

·         Best Performer – For giving 100% result in at-least 3 of their subjects

·         Best Volunteer


Bridge Course: The admission Committee scrutinises the applications and marks cards after the admission and List out the names of the students from different subject background in each course and handover the same to HoD’s of each department. The HoD’s with their Faculty plan and prepare a syllabus to give them basic knowledge in the subjects they are to learn.


Remedial Classes: The Departments verify the marks cards of the students during the first department meeting and categorise the students according to their marks and plan for the remedial classes for those students with less percentage. The Lecturers conduct additional classes for them and maintain a record to check their performance.


Counselling: A full time Counsellor is appointed to guide the students in their wellbeing and to help them in their personality development.


Research Activities: The college conducts State/National/International level conferences every year. Scholars from various places are invited to participate, present papers, participate in the Panel discussions and draw action plans for the better future. The students are encouraged to Prepare Projects, Present Papers and Participate in the seminars conducted within and outside the college. Their assignments, projects, internships and paper presentations carry a portion of Internal Marks.


Results: The college adds to its credit the university ranks from the time of its inception. Students prove their intelligence and outstanding performance through securing ranks in the University and 100 marks in subjects like Accounts, Income tax, Mathematics, Statistics and Physics.


Add on courses:

The college understands the need of preparing students to face the competitive world and provides opportunities to equip themselves through additional courses.


The add on courses offered by the college are as under:

Ø  SAP  (System Application for Data Processing)

Ø  SAS (Statistical Analysis System)

Ø  Oracle Database

Ø  Microsoft Excel

Ø  Advanced Excel

Ø  Personality Development

Ø  Soft skills

Ø  Communication skills

Ø  Interview skills

Ø  Spoken English

Ø  Women Studies and Legal Rights

Ø  Sign Language

Ø  Tourism & Culture

Ø  Animation courses

Ø  Advanced Java

Ø  Web designing

Ø  E-Commerce

Ø  E-Journalism

Ø  Banking

Ø  E- Filing

Ø  Videography & Editing

Ø  Advertising

Ø  Disability Management

Ø  Entrepreneurial Development

Ø  Transactional Analysis

Ø  Theatre


The student would be awarded with credits according to the number of courses they opt for. The student should at least complete 2 certification courses in a year.  One of the Programme will be considered as EC & CC and 50 marks will be awarded for the same. A portion of internal marks would depend upon the participation of the students in the activities conducted by the various committees.