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Tennis rules: Can I change the serving order in doubles?

In a tennis match, my doubles partner and I were struggling to get in a rhythm. After losing the first set, we switched the serving order and got into a groove. After going up 3-0, our opponents noticed the change and said it was illegal to switch the serving order.

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35. Order of Service in Doubles The order of serving shall be decided at the beginning of each set as follows:– The pair who have to serve in the first game of each set shall decide which partner shall do so and the opposing pair shall decide similarly for the second game. The partner of the player who served in the first game shall serve in the third; the partner of the player

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You serve so that each player has their own service game where they serve for the entirety of the game. In the next game that your team serves (two games later), the other player will serve. We will go into full details of doubles rules, scoring, serving order, and tiebreak order below.

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Serving and receiving order for singles Serving order for doubles: This order does not change much in doubles. Each team should pick a player who will serve first. After that, these players will alternate the serve after the game ends. For example: If we take two teams: A and B formed by 4 players named A1, B1, A2, B2.

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The same player must serve the entire game. ADVERTISEMENT So if you serve the first game, the opposing team will serve the second game, your partner will serve the third game, the partner on the opposing team will serve the fourth game and you will serve again on the fifth game, and so on. The serving order remains this way for the entire set but can be changed at the beginning of every set, just like the receiving order.

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In the second game of each set the opponents get to decide which player will serve first. The partner of the player who served in the 1 st game then serves in the 3 rd game. The partner of the player who served in the 2 nd game then serves in the 4 th game and this rotation continues until the end of the set.

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A person who had never seen tennis played before might read the rule as meaning that the players on a doubles team strictly alternate receiving each point. Thus, if the first receiving game was won on the 40-15 point, then the player in the ad court would receive the first point of the next receiving game.

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Tennis Doubles Strategy. Tennis doubles or doubles match is the match where 4 players play on the court, 2 players on each side as a team. Another difference is that the tennis doubles court size is 36 feet (10.97 meters) wide and 78 feet long. While in singles court size is 27 (8.2 meters) feet wide.