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The life of tennis racquet strings depends on how often they are used, what the strings are made from, and the style of play they are used for. Tennis pros restring every single day, while more casual players may do it a couple of times a year.

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Conditioned players will notice more of a difference in old strings than players that decide to play a couple of times per year. There are many factors that will affect the lifespan of a strung racket, and we will do our best to go through them thoughtout this article. Keep reading for everything you need to know regarding string life.

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When do you know to change your tennis strings?

The liveliness of a tennis string has a general lifespan, however; the biggest factor of life loss in a tennis string is loss of tension. There are plenty of obvious signs when a set of tennis strings are ready to be cut at and laid to rest in the trash can: The tennis balls are not grabbing or pocketing on the stringbed like the once did.


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Thinner strings break more quickly, but they provide more feel when striking the ball. A thicker string (15 gauge) will last for a L O N G time, but you may feel like you’re hitting the ball with a 2×4 as you don’t have as much feel. String tension, string material, string thickness – they’re all about personal preference.

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2. String Movement – When poly goes dead, it tends to lose its ability to stay in place. This is referred to as its resiliency, or more commonly as its ability “to snap back” into place. Often though, this means it is VERY dead. It often can go dead long before string movement occurs. If your poly strings are moving, it is time to cut ...

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Balls, new racquets, strings, all come with a certain lifespan attached to them. When balls get old, there is no choice but to buy new ones as the old ones lose pressure even if you take care of them and only play one set a day. Tennis racquets are very durable, especially the modern frames, as they can last up to 10 or so years without a problem.

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For example, we at Grand Slam Tennis find that Synthetic Gut and Multifilaments have a peak playing window for 30-40 hours of play; whereas Polyester Strings have a short lifespan of 20-25 hours of play.